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About Your Service Manager

We Help Small Business Owners!

Your Service Manager is a team of tradesman formed to help small business owners like you. We are customer service reps, dispatchers, billing clerks, administrative assistants, estimators, sales consultants, marketing managers, service managers and operations managers, with years of experience in the trades. We are not big corporate guys who really don’t know what it’s like working in the field, our staff does it every day, and know the obstacles you face on a daily basis! Not only do we know your business…we are experts at what we do, and we give you results!

After many successful years as operations manager for larger companies, I have decided to step out on my own and help small companies become successful and profitable. I can show you exactly how I turned a $475,000 service department into a $4,000,000 in less than 2 years! My team and I know how to take a small business who wants to grow but doesn’t know how, and help them pave the road to a bright and successful future. We can take that struggling company to the next level, we know what to do to pull you out of that slump and get the calls coming in.

Large companies have a significant advantage over a small business. They have the resources, finances and luxuries that a small company does not have. They have the finances needed to hire staff to run their business that make them successful. They have enough revenue to invest in advertising to grow their business.

Your Service Manager affords you the same luxuries as the larger companies for far less than you could hire your own staff! We have many levels of service to assist any business, no matter how small your company may be, no matter what your financial status is. Call us today to schedule your FREE no obligation business analysis, and let Your Service Manager show you how our services pay for themselves and puts money back in your pocket!

– Daniel Grumbine, Founder – Your Service Manager

– Brian Bender, Partner – Your Service Manager

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People Are Saying

“We have been in business since 1954, but it's never too late to "tune up" your business.  I knew for years we needed a tune up, but I just didn't have the time or know where to start. Then I was introduced to Dan at Your Service Manager.  He customized a plan for our needs,…”

- Tom Strohm, George Strohm Inc., Lebanon, PA

“Dan and Brian from Your Service Manager and their team are absolutely amazing.  We started working with them just for help with our phones and soon found that they had much more to offer.  Dan really took the time to understand our business and provide valuable advice, structure, and training that has helped position our business…”

- Karis Rouse, One Mechanical New Innovations, LLC, Cheltenham, PA

“It's only been a few months now, but even in that short period of time a few decisions have been made that have made a difference for us. Meeting with Dan every Monday at our office is always refreshing and gives us confidence about reaching our goals for the year. Dan has credibility and experience…”

- Nick Buric, Buric Heating & Air Conditioning, Laurel, MD